Climate, Clay Soils And Claims RED ALERT

May, June and July have all been analogously dry months against ALL long term measures. Extremely dry conditions have been recorded with some regions seeing virtually no rainfall in this period. On this basis there would have needed to have been a sudden model change across the north Atlantic for August to have extremely wet weather (think 2006) to prevent / dampen the inevitable large scale upturn as event year in 2018. No such model change has occurred with very high temperatures and low rainfall remaining with us.

On this basis an event year and major strain on the claims supply chain is now an inevitability even if autumn becomes very wet.

Our surge planning effort began in May 2018, we tracked the evolving Summer drought and we prepared the key components of a successful surge plan, see our Newsletter for more:

New Climate Clay and Claims August 18

We are ready- good luck to you all!